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We Program Robots

AUROM has enough experience in automation projects with robots in the assembling of automobile bodies, ventures in projects of automation for new processes using last generation industrial robots for world-class companies from the automotive sector in diverse countries. The needs for this industry were detected and it is known that Mexico has the technological and human potential for the development of new devices and processes in the area of mechatronics, specifically in the control of the robots for the automotive industrial production.


Develop flexible systems for manufacturing robotic processes, offering safe, effective, friendly, technological and reliable solutions for men and environment, providing automation solutions in industrial manufacturing processes. / To be a global leader in automation solutions for robotic processes in industrial manufacturing, providing the client with quality and reliability, using always technology and our own ideas.

Our Services

Integration of body manufacturing lines, particularly in the area of robotics.
Spot welding
Laser welding
Stud welding
Glue and Hemming
Robotic manipulation
Start up


“I worked with the team for the LK project in Shenyeng. Due to the late delivery of the robots, the time window to start production was very narrow, but thanks to the assertive and active assistance of the programmers’ team we were able to start production on time.”
Mr. Manfred Schmid
Product and process planning
“The programmers’ team worked for our company in the BMW F26 project, thanks to their personal commitment they distinguished themselves in time-critical phases of the project”
I.A. Manuel Schneider
Project management controls design and commissioning
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